Jan 5, 2013: Welcome to my "PATRONS OF THE ARTS" page!!!
We reached our goal!!!! Thank you!!
Didn't get a chance to contribute?
It's not too late! You still can :)
Every extra dollar will be spent on promoting INNER SUPERHERO. A very much needed thing:)
THANK YOU!!!! I love you guys!!!
Again, HUGE thanks to so many of you from all over the globe who contributed!!!!

I am raising money from friends and listeners around the world to record my new album INNER SUPERHERO -the dreamer within each of us who dares us to be bold, brave, hopeful and ready to take on the world, no matter the obstacles we may face.

I don't have a big record label backing me financially, but with your help - we will bring INNER SUPERHERO to life!

Donate any amount or choose from the levels below.

Thank you for your love, support and trust in me & my music!
Lots of love, Marina:)


You do not need a PayPal account, just a regular debit or credit card :)

If you would prefer to send a check/MO, please mail to
Marina V, PO Box 250775, Glendale, CA 91225-0775 USA, include your phone # & email :)

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see photos of the gift items.

digital downloads of new songs as soon as we have them recorded +
  special "patrons only" content & exclusive videos, your name on my website + huge THANK YOU +
  digital downloads of "My Star" album & "Small Collection..." EP..
a physical CD + Russian postcard +
  digital download of YMMB (You Make Me Beautiful) sheet music
+ everything from the level above
digital downloads of 7 albums (Small Collection, MY STAR, Modern Fairytale, Live at SoundMoves, Simple Magic, Russian Bootleg & Something of My Own)
+ everything from the level above
your choice of a Soviet pin (collector's items) or 1969 Soviet penny (kopeck) [photos below]
  digital download of Marina's 2 earliest albums, LET ME DREAM & LIFT
  + everything from the level above
Russian wooden spoon hand-made by artisans [photos below]
  hand-written lyrics of your favorite Marina song [photos below]
  phone call/skype w/Marina + everything from the level above
  Russian painting + lacquer box set [photo below]
or Soviet-era woman's bracelet [photos below]
or 3-piece Russian stacking doll, made in the USSR in 1970s [photo below]
  hand-written lyrics of your favorite Marina song [photo below]
  phone call/skype w/Marina + everything from the AWESOME KOMRADE level
  Choice of one of Marina's paintings [photos below]
  hand-written lyrics of your favorite Marina song [photo below]
  phone call/skype w/Marina + everything from the AMAZING KOMRADE level
BREATHTAKINGLY ASTOUNDING KOMRADE (pretty much a stalker) $1,000
lunch w/Marina & Nick*
  choice of an item listed above (Marina's painting, Soviet pin, etc)
  hand-written lyrics of your favorite Marina song [photo below]
  phone call/skype w/Marina + everything from the AMAZING KOMRADE level 
UNBELIEVABLY AWE-INSPIRING KOMRADE (definitely a stalker!) $2,000 - $4,000
house concert** for you and your friends + everything from the level above
 everything from the level above + homecooked dinner w/Marina & Nick
  + associate producer title on the recordings

* in LA area or area of my tour stop (or if you're in Paris, you can fly us in :)
** for a house concert, the host and Marina will split artist's travel cost 50/50


Marina's Paintings & other items

Note from Marina: I've been painting and drawing since I was a kid. My grandmother (the one I wrote "Babushka" about) used to paint with watercolors, and we often painted together. I've been painting more and more lately. It's especially relaxing to paint in the end of a long day. Like music, it is very healing.
Acrylic on canvas is my favorite medium - thick brush strokes make me happy, what can I say :)
All of my paintings are for sale - all of the proceeds will help me with my new recordings!! Thank you! :)

Matryoshka series:
Matryoshka is a Russian traditional stacking doll. They're hand-painted by Russian artisans and each one has its own character. They have the cutest faces - and each has a different expression! I've been really enjoying painting my own matryoshkas!!

Matryoshka family

Matryoshka 3-piece set

Matryoshka with yellow canvas sides & Matryoshka family (drying) :)

Peace series:
Through my music, most of you already know that I am a peace-loving hippie at heart (or half hippie half yuppie, haha)..
I've always loved the deep blue in Van Gogh's paintings, and in combination with the gold colors it reminds me of his Starry Night over Rhone.

World Peace and World Peace (square canvas)

Flower series: It just makes me happy :)

Happy Flower + World Peace (extra large canvas)

Collectible Soviet pins (most have Lenin images) + 3 Moscow Olympic pins from 1980 (right top)

Soviet penny (kopeck) from 1969.

Say hi on my FB page:)    

Jan 18, 2013
Patrons of the Arts have conributed so far.  Thank you very very much to these amazing people:

Todd Mitchell (Las Vegas)
Kevin Jackson (Indiana)
Dwaine Maggart (Los Angeles)
Chris Doney (UK)
Jeff (Orange County, California)
Bill Adler (Washington, DC)
Laurent (Seattle)
Michael Clifford (for Sarah) (W Virginia)
Don & Joelle & Sulu (Los Angeles)
Alan Claypool (Las Vegas)
Brent Kashiwagi (Los Angeles)
Jason Bouzane (San Francisco)
Alan Roche (San Francisco)
John Schahfer (Washington)
Ray McDermott (California)
Julie Davison (Illinois)
Jim (Texas)
Eddie Roosenmaallen & Olivia (Canada)
Sonya Elena (Los Angeles)
Bob Keefer (Pennsylvania)
Maarten Avontuur (Netherlands)
Charles Roussel (Louisiana)
Dima Dagman (California)
Bill C (Florida)
Scot (Hawaii)
Teddy Hucks (Indiana)
Tiffany & Mike (Pennsylvania)
Peter W. Simpson (Australia)
Maria & Andrew (Maryland)
Dima Livotov (St Petersburg, Russia)
Wim Jannes (Netherlands)
Byron Nesbitt (Illinois)
Mike, Emily & Daisy (Los Angeles)
Ian Spain (UK)
Anonymous (Las Vegas)
Bob Mutascio (Los Angeles)
Lisa Barber (Los Angeles)
Bill Curry (Illinois)
Susan Galvez (Illinois)
Alex Kulagin (New York)
Brian Ervin
Nataliya Borisova (Australia)
Jesse Conklin (New York)
Raymond Steiner (Louisiana)
Bruce Alpert (Washington, DC)
Jamie & Karie Fitzgerald (Las Vegas)
Bruce Wallace (Colorado)
Nuno Esteves (Portugal)
Doug Dine (Arizona)
Bob Sanderlin  & Kari Elsts (Virginia)
Anita & Joseph (California)
Kristin Dormuth (Pennsylvania)
Jan Haase (Germany)
Michael Blaine (Arizona)
Kirk Gaudi (California)
Amanda A. Brooks (California)
Brian Wilson (Washington, D.C.)
Donn & Mary Martin (Pennsylvania)
Kristen & Simeon Bethke (Missouri)
Jeff Sorrell
Richard Hartwig (Idaho)
Alex & Julie Dubovoy (New York)
Konstantin Vorobyev (Russia)
Monique Brown (California)
Sasha Zolotov
Kyle & Candie Borcz (Indiana)
Natasha Pakhomkina (Virginia)
John Kinnicutt (New York)
Josh Mailman (California)
Lionel Heredia (California)
Randy & Heidi (Iowa)
Jim Bertrand (Illinois)
Judy Norris (South Dakota)
Brian, Becky & Brooke Huckeba (CA)
Arthur & Barbara Posner (Arizona)
Darren Augustus (California)
Kakuma Mori (Canada)
Dave Yeager (California)
David Likuski (California)
Tom Irwin (Illinois)
Malcolm Singer (Las Vegas)
Andy Grant (Massachusetts)
Derek & Nicole Herr (California)
Joseph Hecht (Indiana)
Matt & Lara (California)
Philippe Falleau (Belgium)
Ron & Christy Hodge (California)
'Andrew Bauserman (Virginia)
'Jan Jacobs (New York)
Maxim Fridental (Germany)
Dev Mutha (California)
Imtiaz Rahi (Bangladesh)
Joe Olson (Washington)
Vu Pham (California)
Charles D'Andrea (Washington)
Arlene Regos (Utah)
Glenn Bakke (California)
Marc Jacobs (California)
Astrid Plane (California)
Matt Wilkinson - Amped 4-A-Cure
Scott Wright (California)
Shannon Poe (California)
Dave Williams (California)
Joe Pizzuti (California)
Sebastian Alexander (California)
Stephen Carson (UK)
Rob Haas (California)
Slava Molotkov (Russia)
Bruce Holz (New Jersey)
Dana Grooms (California)
Leo Lutz (California)
Jesse Sparks (Las Vegas)
'Frederik & Gerda  (Belgium)
Ben Miller (Georgia)
Erik Eason (California)
Heather McAlister (UK)
Denise & Mike & Bradley (California)
Elvira Baryakina (California)
Rich & Sue Hanson (Pennsylvania)
Doug Johnson (California)
Jeff Axelrod (California)
Ravé Mehta (California)
Elias Azrak (California)
Larry Kline (Minnesota)
Randy Bullock (Nevada)
Sue Case (Arizona)
'Donna & Dan VonLanken (Illinois)
Paul Dymond (UK)
Vlad M (Italy)
Juli Ryan (Ohio) juliryansart.com
Paul Braun & Sheri Nash-Braun (IN)
Jill Pallack (New York)
'Trevor Dunshea (Australia)
Anja Voorman (Arizona)
JoAnn Arnold (California)
Andy Sweeney (UK)
Dennis Gray (Massachusetts)
Irina Semenikhina (California)
John Whitmore (Texas)
Marcome (California)
my  mom (Australia) :)
Nancy Hsieh (New York)
Clint Grimes (Vermont)
Albert Patrick (California)
Ken Barr (California)
Greg Aziz (Canada)
'Steve & Debby Leavitt (California)
'Patricia Gangwer (California)
Tomas Calvo (California)
Eric Lallier (France)
Rollin Lofdahl (Oregon)
Susan Hollander (California)
'Daniel BELLEROSE (France)
Kelley Knight (California)
Mark Gardner (Pennsylvania)
Jeff Mas (France)
Joshua Cook (California)
James Mitchell (Michigan)
Bruce (South Africa)
Dave Lama (California)
Suzy Whitesel (California)
Karl Hille (Maryland)
Mike Boldrick (Mexico)
Larry Bock (California)
John Mitchell (California)
Philip David Morgan (New York)
Wayne A "Bobby" Glidden (California)
James Mitchell (California)
Cathy Brown (California)
Alex Causey (California)
Tom & Connie Elmore (California)
Moriah Hart (California)
Bill Stelzer (Virgin Islands)
Billy Sims (California)
Ella Makarkina (California)
Paul Franco (California)
Stephan Volz (Germany)
Larry Hart (Georgia)
Vadim Ponomarenko (Russia)
Michael Doubovis (California)
Petr Furmanek (California)
Matt & Amy Rhodes (Virginia)
Chris West (California)
Nusi Dekker (California)
John Curd (Washington DC)
Irina Segal (California)
Nick Smith (California)
Tim James (California)
Ciaran Hope CiaranHope.com
Charles Bennett (Texas)
Mike Osorio (Hong Kong)
Sergey Ulanov (Washington)
Chris Pearce (Virginia)
Douglas Stingley (California)
Nathan Rossin (Michigan)
Patrick Descourtis (France)
Erik McCall (Scotland)
Pete Miller (California)
Jerry Watson
Bill & Vicki Heppe (California)
Helaine Munson (California)
Alan Carey (Illinois)
Shawn Barry (Nebraska)
Ibraheem Abdullah (California)
Michael Porrazzo (Massachusetts)
Madeline Alpert (Maryland)
Thorsten Uekermann (Germany)
Laura Lekesiute (California)
Dima Leonov (Russia)
Mark Gremling (California)
Todd Stark (California)
Chris Krahn (California)
Brian Sager (W. Virginia)
Roman Smith (California)
Johanna Schiavo (New Jersey)
Phil Harrington (California)
Ted Thornton (Maryland)
Melanie Wicker (California)
Michael Palmer (UK)
Aura (California)
Eugene Suchkov (NY)
Mary & Ella (Virginia)
Steve Cooperman (California)
Louise Valmoria (Australia)
Richard Peabody (Virginia)
Phil Halliwell (UK)
Stephen Odell (NY)
Wilma Vialle (Australia)
Marsi Trujillo (California)
Luke McQuillan (Illinois)
Steve & Melissa & Todd & Matthew Fowler (Illinois)
Christoph Bull (California)
Vicki Trask (Canada)
Tom Wolan (Michigan)
Nick Bilogorskiy (California)
Tess Taylor (California)
Brian Clark (California)
Joe Masiero (California)
Bonnie Scherer (Minnesota)
Peter Nagra (Canada)
Eric Pang (Pakistan)
Andrew Russett (New York)
Marty Berardini & Jenn (California)
Jenn Allison (N. Carolina)
Alex Kinnan (California)
Sandro Monetti (California/UK)
Laura Sullivan (California)
Jose Granha (Portugal)
Mary H Jackson (New Jersey)
Shane Pearson (Canada)


Russian wooden spoons, hand-decorated

7x5 hand-written custom-made lyric sheet in a picture-frame mat
You can pick your favorite Marina V lyrics and she will create this special collector's item just for you (or leave it to Marina to choose the lyrics).
Autographed on the front and signed to you on the back.
Perfect for framing!

SOLD: Painting & lacquer box set. 2001. Purchased directly from the artist (my aunt was a friend of this artist).
SOLD: Bracelets
SOLD: Matryoshka, made in USSR (3-piece)




What if I want to donate an amount not listed above?
You can donate any amount you wish, but at this point the minimum donation is $10. If you have a million dollars laying around, alright, I guess I'd be happy to take it off your hands:) Or if you have $47 or $299, or any "odd" amount, you can donate that too!! :)

I want to just donate but I don't want any stuff. Will you be upset? :)
That's fine too :) When I get the confirmation email from PayPal, I'll write back asking which items etc you'd like to receive. That's when you can tell me you don't want a certain item, or prefer a different one, or none at all... I am grateful for the donations and I want to make sure everyone is happy with everything they're getting:)

I thought of the best item idea that you didn't list here.
If you have ideas for other prizes, please let me know! Everything is negotiable. I am just very grateful for your donations and I want to make sure you're happy with the items you are getting!!!:) Ask any questions!

Could you do a custom painting for me?
It is possible, yes! You can specify the canvas size and I can make you a custom painting. Just email me and ask :)

Is this going to be a full length album?

Depending on how much we are able to raise, it will either be an EP (5 song album) or a full-length album. We will start recording as soon as we can, and you will be the first people to receive the mp3s as soon as they're finished. So, if we're done recording one song, I'll go ahead and send it to you right away!!!

Where is the money going?

There are soooo many costs involved in recording/making albums. Aside from producer/engineer/studio time and musicians, other costs include mixing the record, mastering the record, artwork design, and costs of manufacturing the physical record, and if there is anything left - it would be used for marketing and promotion (so people actually know the album exists, haha!)

Wait a minute, Marina, aren't you rich? (since you travel all over the world, like, all the time)
Great question! I wish I was rich and could pay for my own recordings. All of my touring and traveling expenses are often covered by friends and fans, without whom it wouldn't really be possible!

"I get by with a little help from my friends. I get high with a little help from my friends."
Are you going to use our money to buy pot?

Again, great question! I am actually allergic to marijuana, so - definitely no!!! I will be using this money ONLY to help pay the expenses of creating and promoting the recordings!!!

Is my contribution tax deductible?
No, it isn't. Sorry :( But you're doing an awesome thing by helping a musician whose music you love, and I am very, very, very grateful!!!

If I donate a bunch of money and you're playing in my town - can I get in for free?
Absolutely!! Just email me and I'll try my best to make it possible (in some cases, like when I'm playing a house concert, it might not be possible). But I promise I'll try and we'll figure out something!!:)

If I donate like a thousand bucks - can you come to my town and play a house concert?

We can talk about it! My flight/gear rental and other travel expenses must be paid in order for that to happen (remember, I am not rich!:), but I'd love to do it!! Just email me and ask!

Your contributions made my last album, MY STAR, possible. Thanks to all of you, MY STAR came to life and songs from it have been heard by millions of people (CBS, Delta Airlines, etc). And "You Make Me Beautiful" even received an award from Sir Bob Geldof!! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you!!!!!!!!!
If you have any other questions, please email me!!! You know the address! :)
Again, thank you!! a big big hug,
Marina :)





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