I Want You To Hear The New Album!

My dear friends around the world, 

Let me start this by sending each one of you a big virtual hug. 

While I considered postponing our "In V Minor" album release 
(scheduled for April 14, my babushka's birthday), 
I came to the realization that perhaps now is exactly the right time for this record. 

Music is such a magical force. 
It has helped me deal with stress all of my life, just as it's helping me now. 

I wrote most of these songs to get me through dark times and to ease my fears. 
Perhaps they can be of help to others. 

I know many people are struggling now and I never want lack of money to prevent people from enjoying my music. 

Also, I really want you to hear this album! 
"In V Minor" is a collection of introspective songs about love and loss, healing and depression, hope and despair, recorded with piano, guitars and strings (and vocals, of course). 

I am making the album available for free, with the option to buy a CD or send a donation. 

Pre-Save Now: 
Here are Spotify, Apple Music & Deezer pre-save links: 

Free, with donation optional: 

Physical CD: 
You are more than welcome to buy a CD, and I will sign/hug/kiss each copy, as always! 
But we won't start shipping until it's safe to do so. 



To make it convenient for time zones around the world, we'll have 2 concerts: 

Sunday, April 12 at 12:30pm US Pacific (8:30pm GMT+1) 
Tuesday, April 14 at 7pm US Pacific (which is Weds GMT+11 at 1pm) 

on twitch.tv/MarinaVmusic (a.k.a. Marinawood) 

Big hug to each one of you, see you online, and... HUGE thanks to every person who worked with us on the album and who sponsored and pre-ordered it. 
More on that on the release date, April 14th!! 

Marina :)