1. Unbalanced

From the recording MY STAR

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On days like this
I can find no rest
And I’m wandering without purpose
I can’t concentrate
I stay up late
I forget about my coffee
And I wanna know why I’m lying here
and my mind is racing..

I gotta find some peace
Make sense of all of this
Find myself in this madness
I need no escape
Just want to understand
Why I feel so unbalanced
I just want to know why

I need some help
But I don’t know where
I don’t know which rock to turn over
So I ask my mom
I ask my friends
But they’re more screwed up than I am
And I wanna know why I’m stressing here
And my mind is breaking


And I wanna know why I’m really here
And everything I do, does it matter, does it mean a thing?
I need a magic key
To help unlock this power buried deep inside of me...

And I am lying here
And my soul is bleeding