"hauntingly beautiful" ~ L.A. Times 

"the voice of an angel" ~ The Prague Post 

"An emerging musician you should know about" ~ The Huffington Post 

"melodic and passionate music" ~ The Washington Post 

"Her voice is sultry, passionate, and full of yearning" ~ The Santa Barbara Independent 

"Angelic voice" ~ Entertainment Today 

"timeless quality and ethereal beauty...transcends the ordinary" ~ Las Vegas City Life

"One of the most promising new singer/songwriters" ~ Keyboard Magazine 

"Marina V seems destined for fame and fortune." ~ San Diego North County Times 

"Sultry voice... The audience was captivated" ~ Life In L.A. live review 

"Her piano-based pop is melodic and unique" ~ Onstage Magazine 

"enchanting" ~ Fresno Bee 

"Congratulations on your new album ....it is fabulous." ~ Howard Jones, multi-platinum recording artist 

"I really like Marina V's "You Make Me Beautiful".  Memorable melodies." ~ Billy Steinberg, hit songwriter (penned Madonna's "Like a Virgin", JoJo's "A little too late", Cyndie Lauper's "True Colors", and many, many more) 

"Marina has a unique musical style... very hypnotic, with the ability to transport the listener anywhere she wishes to take them!" ~ James Leach, VP, SESAC 

"Monstrous chorus and a great hook" - Sir Bob Geldof, legendary musician (referring to Marina's song "You Make Me Beautiful") 

"Fellow Dreamer...You're an inspiration to all of us" ~ Barbara Niven, award-winning actress/author 

"Thanks for the totally amazing performance, I am lucky to have you in my gallery." ~ Erin Hanson, award-winning painter 

"..your music, your amazing vocal abilities and the beautifully written lyrics ... carry your message to the world. You are the embodiment of how America is enriched by artists from around the world. At this moment, each of us must shine our light to illumine a path toward peace and human unity. Thank you for what you do to make this a more gentle, more hopeful world... 
PS. "You Make Me Beautiful" is memorable, enchanting." ~ Dennis Kucinich (U.S. Representative, candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States)