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From Marina's 2005 album SIMPLE MAGIC.


Waiting up, but it's getting late
Sometimes I wonder why I wait
I should know better but I hope tonight
Will be different

Raindrops fall on the windowpane
Locking me inside my brain
I don't want to go out but
I don't want to be alone

And every time I tell myself
I'll be alright, I'll be alright
But here I am, not better now than the day before
And I know I will never find
A better life until I've tried
And when I try
I'll be alright

Mirror cracks and it makes me smile
Looks like me in a different style
I only wish that I could be what I could be


I'd wake up cold afraid of my shadow
Scared of things that I have seen in my dreams
All my fears have been self-created
Watch them burn so deep within my soul, in my soul
In my soul...