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Darker Than Midnight (theme song from EMMY-nonimated documentary, City 40) Marina V & Michael Levine

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"Darker Than Midnight". I co-wrote this song with a talented composer friend of mine, Michael Levine (fun note: he has also written the famous "Give Me a Break" Kit Kat TV commercial!). We wrote this song as an end-credits song to a heart-wrenching documentary called City 40 (nominated for an EMMY 2017!), directed by Samira Goetschel. The film is now on Netflix. Here is more info:


DARKER THAN MIDNIGHT (with approx. non-poetic translation from Russian)
Может ты помнишь Maybe you remember
Волшебную сказку The magical time
Где мы мечтали When we used to dream
Изменить этот мир We could change this world

Но ночь But darkness
Ночь, мрачнее, чем безлунье, Darkness, darker than moonless night
Правит всем глуша свет и Rules everything by stifling the light and
Грусть Sadness
Грусть, глубже раны в сердце. Sadness, deeper than wound in your heart
Преданы мечты наши Our dreams have been betrayed