My collaboration with Jim "Kimo" West

Last year I collaborated with Jim "Kimo" West - we recorded a new version of  "Pesnya O Tebe", my Russian song from "Simple Magic".

Here it is:

Jim is one of the world's top Hawaiian slack-key guitarists and the nicest of human beings (and a fellow gardener)!

He also has been playing guitar with Weird Al Yankovic for the last 30 years, which means he can play extremely well in literally any style/genre. He is truly amazing. 

Nick & I originally met him backstage at the Weird Al show a few years ago. Then a couple of years ago I sang guest vocals at Jim's show in Santa Barbara (join our 2 SONGS A MONTH CLUB to get the live recording of "Maria Elena" in Spanish that I performed with Jim).

I also sang guest vocals with Jim in Altadena. One of the songs was "Pesnya O Tebe". I loved Jim's guitar playing and we decided to record it in his studio. It was done live in 1 take. I hope you enjoy this recording. To me it is so cool to have such beautiful guitar work on a song I wrote, and it has been a joy working with Jim.