Hi friends! “Ready To Live Again” is my new song about the emotional journey out of a very dark place after my dad’s sudden death, which happened in the middle of the pandemic a half a world away. 

While to me this song is deeply personal, I hope you can relate and feel it in your own way. 
And whatever your journey and your circumstances are, remember that you’re not alone in your pain.

The single comes out on August 25, 2023
Please take a moment to pre-save, if you can. 
It would mean a lot and will help get the word out.

(if you don't have Spotify or Apple Music etc,
or if you would like to have the song now
you can buy it directly at )

P.S. I have been feeling well the last few days (after my health scare in the end of July), and I am so grateful for that. Thanks to every one of you for caring. 

Written by Marina Verenikina.
Produced by Konstantin Chubakov.
Additional production, mixing and mastering by Steve Horner.
Photo by Chris Jensen Photography.