WE BELONG: My duet with legendary singer/songwriter, DAN NAVARRO!

Directly from the artist: https://marinav.com/track/1798178/we-belong-duet-with-dan-navarro

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iTUNES: https://music.apple.com/us/album/we-belong-single/1475807384 

AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/We-Belong/dp/B07W4C89PF


Dear friends - 
Baby V is already 3 months old (I have some photos on Instagram)! 
And while she's napping, I thought I'd share some very cool news with you. 

I am very excited to announce my collaboration with legendary singer/songwriter, DAN NAVARRO! In the last few weeks of my pregnancy Dan & I recorded our duet of WE BELONG (PAT BENATAR’S 1984 GRAMMY-nominated hit). 

Dan is a good friend and is one of the two songwriters of this amazing song (the other one being the late Eric Lowen, RIP, dear friend!).  It's such an honor to sing this song with Dan. 

Another one of my talented friends, acclaimed composer Alex Kharlamov, added a gorgeous string arrangement to our rendition. I am really proud of how this recording turned out. 

And did you know... Pat Benatar was also pregnant when she recorded this song! Sometimes things just line up and it's beautiful.


I hope you save to your Spotify playlists and order online! 
Marina (and Nick and Baby V) 

P.S. Many thanks to James Aiken for this cover art, to Jenna Ryin Photography for the photos and to Analuisa Sanchez for my nice hair/makeup!!

Music video (by Tod Hillman) is coming out on Sept 18th!