Concert At My House is exactly what it sounds like: it's a concert at my house! :)
(it's like Dinner & Concert At My House minus the dinner part)

You come to my house (in Oxnard, California) and Nick & I perform your song requests (which you hopefully send me in advance so I can remember the lyrics). Or you can try to stump me (not advisable) :)
60-100 minute concert, depending on amount of songs.

You're encouraged to bring whatever you'd like to drink (alcoholic or not).
Nick & I might have a sip of a beverage with you, especially if the said beverage is an awesome bottle of wine :)

We'll hang out and have a great time!
You're welcome to ask any questions about the songs, the music business, the universe, etc :)

The whole evening will be approx. 2 hours.
We limit the event to 10 people per concert.

You're welcome to step into our garage, punch Bob (yes!), play a quick round of darts and
buy any CDs or merch at 20% off regular price (yay!) :)

Ticket price: $50 per person, reserved in advance. Please see the Tour Page for the next concert date!