Our little Violetta - Baby V - is here!

Our little Violetta - Baby V - is here! ? 
She was born on Mother's Day, May 12, which was her official due date! Nick took this photo just 7 minutes after she came out (the photo of Nick is the next day). It's the most amazing/surreal/wonderful thing that's ever happened in our lives. But it also the hardest/most challenging too, on every possible level. Hence the delay on our announcement - it's either get some sleep/eat/shower (what shower?) or write a post? But we are so happy and I can't imagine loving our little girl any more than we do. Baby V is healthy, born 7lb 13oz and 20". Thanks so much to all of you for your sweet messages and caring (especially since I haven't been online or posted anything for several days). If you have reached out to me please forgive me that I don't reply ❤ We just need a few days/weeks to adjust to our new incredible life and let my body recover as well. 
Marina & Nick 

P.S. Nick would like to thank all of you and the horses (let's see if you get the reference ?)