One month old ?

A month ago yesterday I gave birth to our sweet little Violetta - Baby V ? But it still feels rather surreal, all of it! 
I've been in my own happy sleep-deprived private bubble with our little family (my mum is here from Australia, such a huge help to me and Nick!),taking it one day at a time, being in the moment,enjoying the little daily routines and marveling at the simple wonderful Baby V-related things. All the while trying to do my best as a new mom. 

I thought by this time I'd be ready to return to the "real" world but I am still adjusting, mentally and emotionally,and my body is still healing. 

All friends who are parents have told me that this first month you're kind of in a survival mode,trying to learn "on the job" how to be a parent, how to stay sane, haha, and how to juggle all of the new responsibilities and how to care for this tiny little amazing human being. So I am letting it be while doing my best and am trying (trying!) not to be too hard on myself. 

I originally scheduled our online concert ( comeback for June 16th but I am sooooo not ready. And even though I REALLY miss performing and REALLY miss you guys (I love our online concert interactions!!!) I need a little bit more time in my little bubble. I hope you understand ❤ 

P.S. This pic is from last week, happy/tired post-breastfeeding glow, thanks to my amazing hubby for capturing the moment