WE BELONG Music Video Premiere!

Dear friends - today WE BELONG music video comes out! 
https://youtu.be/r7-CO0DcCsE 12:15pm US Pacific 

I'm honored to sing this duet w/legendary songwriter/artist & dear friend, Dan Navarro (who co-wrote this Pat Benatar's hit 35 years ago). In the video you can see my 8.5 month pregnant stomach (and did you know that Pat was pregnant when she recorded this song too??). 

Huge thanks to an amazing team of very talented people who worked with us on the song and the video. Please share if you can - I am proud of this work and hope you are too. 
And.. the song is now available in every digital outlet, including MarinaV.com 

If you're on FB, we'll premiere the video at 11:30am on facebook.com/MarinaVmusic