300th stream on Twitch and 3 year anniversary!

March 24, 2022, marks exactly 3 years since my first Twitch stream.

(And on Sunday, March 27th, will be my 300th stream on Twitch!)

That day, after years of touring, I started a whole new chapter of my life 

I had no idea that what at first were just "online concerts" (as I thought of them) would soon grow into an incredibly beautiful, caring and loving community. 

So many things have happened since that very first stream, 

and you have been there along for the end of pregnancy, then my journey of becoming a mom, adapting to the new life, making sense of it all during the pandemic, overcoming the loss of my father, and now this unfathomable war... we cry, we laugh, we have inside jokes, we share. 

I didn't at all anticipate how we would all help each other, or that I would be making so many new friends (including many fellow musicians) and getting closer to those who know me IRL 

Huge thanks to my dear friend Karen Allen, who brought me to Twitch in the first place, 

and who spent countless hours helping me navigate a very scary new world of streaming. 

Huge thanks to Dr Daddy (who was neither daddy nor doctor when we first started) for his patience and support behind the scenes. 

Huge thanks to our wonderful moderator, Steve (and to our newly minted 2nd moderator, Konstelacio)! 

Huge thanks to every person who is a big part of Marinawood, you know who you are. 

I appreciate you tremendously. But I have a suspicion you already know that 

Can't wait to see you all soon on twitch.tv/MarinaVmusic 

Thank you for the 3 years, guys!