Marina V on tour with Beth Hart again!

Omg.. my first IN PERSON shows since Feb 2020!!!! And.. opening for the incredible Beth Hart once again! I am beyond excited and sooooo honored. And a bit anxious (so so SO much to do, and it's been so long, will I fall flat on my face on stage?!) 

Touring with Beth in the past was amazing. Her band & crew are the best, and her fans have been great and truly welcoming! 

Nick, Baby V & I will be on the road for a week! While I know it's not gonna be exactly easy with a small child, I also know that best things in life are soooo worth the effort 

Please wish us good luck and come see us if you can! Beth is an extraordinary performer and is like no other. I can't wait to hear her soundcheck and perform every night 

P.S. omg omg omg!