Nick's Book!!

Friends, I am beyond proud that Nick's new book “Virtual K–8 Teaching - A Handbook for Building Productive Teacher-Student Relationships” comes out June 2, published by the renowned Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group. 

If you are a teacher (or happen to know one), please share!

Or just wish him good luck, if you see him!

Nick received his doctorate in education from Northeastern University in Boston 2 years ago, and then has dedicated himself to turning his dissertation into this book, and then tirelessly worked with the team at Rowman & Littlefield to publish it. 

As you can imagine, with a full time job, a musician wife and a little child, this journey hasn't been exactly easy for Nick. So it feels extra wonderful to see his book published, and I am so proud of his achievement!

The book is available for pre-order on Amazon:! 
(kindle, paperback or hard cover). 
Or directly from the publisher: 
Or on GoodReads: 

Here's our selfie :) 
And if you want to check out Nick's brand new website, here it is: