Exciting news: GRAMMYs in Moscow! ❤

I'm excited to say hi to you from Moscow where I am assisting the GRAMMY Museum with the first ever GRAMMY exhibit in Russia! We just had the VIP opening reception at the Kremlin as part of the Russian Music Awards. And on Dec 17 we're having the official opening at the Smolensky Passage (mall) for general public viewing (until Feb 2018). 

Most of you know that for years now I've been extremely passionate about promoting Russian-American relations through music. I love both countries and it breaks my heart that there's  an ongoing political tension between US & Russia (all my life, really). But through music - the magical universal language - we can feel (and we are!) more united than divided. 

I am proud to continue my role as a cultural ambassador and proud to play a part in this historic event which will help foster relations not only between US & Russian musicians, but between all of our people. 

On a very personal note, coming to Kremlin every day is beyond cool. It's a very special place, centuries worth of history. A couple of days ago I got to walk here at midnight, entirely by myself (except for the guards). It was incredible. 

Also, staying at the hotel in Moscow is strange - because I always stay at my dad's place. But I'm loving the view (we're at the National Hotel across the street from the Kremlin/Red Square). 

I posted (and will post a lot more) pics on the Instagram: 

And here is a little video from one of the Russian news channels 
where I'm telling the reporter not to touch the Michael Jackson's glove, haha :) 

I'd like to express my gratitude to Bob Santelli (the GRAMMY Museum Foundation founder/director) whose vision and tireless work have made it all possible. And of course,  thanks to our GRAMMY Museum team, and Mikhail & Sait Guseriev & everyone who has worked hard to make it all happen. 

Okay! Signing off for now. Gotta get some sleep, it's been a very very busy last several days with little sleep, fighting jetlag and tons of work, but it's all good. 
Not complaining :) 
Hugs & lots of love to every one of you, 


And below are photos with Bob Santelli, the director of the GRAMMY MUSEUM Foundation and founder of the GRAMMY MUSEUM.