I wrote a song for a book: NO TIME TO SAY GOODBYE

I have a new song called NO TIME TO SAY GOODBYE - I wrote this song for a book! 

In the past, I have written & recorded songs for films, ads and tv shows. And I have recorded a couple of songs for a children's book.

But this is my first time writing an original song for a book! 

One of my friends, Bill Adler Jr, is a critically-acclaimed writer. He recently wrote a time travel novella called NO TIME TO SAY GOODBYE. A few months ago Bill asked if I would be interested in writing a song for his book. The sci-fi fan that I am, I immediately said YES! 

As I was reading his book, I was making notes of feelings evoked and the words that stood out to me. 
The emotions I felt became the music, and the words (some paraphrased, but a handful verbatim) inspired the lyrics. Nick & I recorded NO TIME TO SAY GOODBYE at our home studio in Los Angeles and had it mixed/mastered by my friend/sound engineer Kostya in Moscow.  

Would you like to read Bill's book? Here is the amazon.com link: http://tiny.cc/ntsg

If you are fascinated with time travel (like me) you'll love this story. It's quite original and has a great twist (shhhh, you didn't hear it from me). 


You can buy the song here