It's my birthday! :) Buy my music today & I'll send 50% to the Red Cross!

My dear friends around the world, 

for my birthday today I am donating 50% of all sales to the Red Cross. 
With all of the recent disasters & tragedies, their work is needed more than ever. 

So if there is an album/shirt/Russian stacking doll you don't yet have, consider buying it today. 
Or maye as a gift for a friend. 
Just please specify for whom I should sign, there is a "notes" field as you're clicking to purchase. 

Singles, ditital albums, and personalized, hugged & kissed CDs: 

Shirts, lyric sheets, matryoshka dolls, and posters: 

And here is the secret link for BIG FANS ONLY. It has my old or very limited edition releases: 

If you buy tickets to my Hollywood Nov 12 album release concert, I'll donate 50% as well. 

Thank you for your love & support. 
If you don't want to buy anything from my website, you can donate at - either way, thank you!!! 

Hope to see you at one of the tour stops. 
Germany tour coming up, then Moscow, L.A., Las Vegas, Big Bear & Sydney!! 

hugs and lots of love, 
Marina :)


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