Thank you! I am ready to come back

My dear friends around the world, 

Thanks to so many of you who reached out with beautiful words of empathy and love and to those of you who shared their own stories of overcoming pain.

My dad's sudden death has hit me really hard. Hearing from you made a difference in my healing process. 


I have been doing my best to concentrate on the positives in my life and to be grateful for things I do have. I find it's too easy to spiral down thinking of what is lost and of what could and should have been. But focusing on gratitude for everyone/everything in my life has been the way I found out of those terribly dark thoughts. 

I took a month and a half off from being online and from performing. I think I needed my own private space to grieve. I barely had energy to do anything outside of my mama duties. 

But now I am ready to be back. I've missed our online community and every lovely person in Marinawood. 

Would love to see you, we're back to the same schedule. 
Tune in anytime, even for a minute and say hi!