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Message from Marina:

May 3, 2019:

My dear friends around the world!
I can't believe that we're only a few days away from Baby V's official due date (May 12!!!).
My body is going through a lot of (sometimes really weird, haha) things,
my mind is filled with a myriad thoughts, but my soul is already feeling the love I've never experienced before.

Thank you so much to all of you who've been there for me (and Nick) and have sent positive vibes, words, baby items & presents and entered the Guess The Baby's Birthday Raffle.
I am truly grateful for having so many amazing people in my life!!


As long as I feel well (and unless our little girl decides to be born early),
I'll continue our online concerts - The Marina V Show on twitch.tv/MarinaVmusic - as I absolutely LOVE singing for you!

Our online interaction and your love & support during these shows fill me with an incredible amount of positive energy. Yes, it takes energy to do these shows yet I get SO MUCH in return. It's the magic of music and live performances that I cherish beyond what words can express.

So.. (again - unless Baby V arrives early), the next shows are:

Sunday, May 5 1pm US Pacific/Los Angeles (9pm GMT+1/London)
Weds, May 8 6pm US Pacific (middle of the night for my European friends, sorry!)

if I don't feel well or go into labor, the announcement will be posted by Karen, our kick-ass show producer, on twitch.tv/MarinaVmusic & (most likely) by Nick on my social media.

See you online!
Can't wait and thank you for being with me on this amazing journey.
Marina ❤



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